An Amazing Light Show

In the early morning hours, the sky lit up with an amazing spectacle. Not as common in southern montana, it was luck to have been outside at that hour. Every moment something amazing happens in the world. The trick is … Read More

West Pine Creek

Not all adventures have to be the most epic days. Sometimes a short afternoon stint is all you need. What’s important is not becoming too idle, for that can be all too easy.

Take it all in

Stop. Breath. Take it all in. This is why we explore. Always in search for the aesthetically pleasing, trying to reach the highest point and get a view so beautiful, it cannot be put to words. Never give up, but … Read More

The Frozen Alpine

The alpine tundra in winter feels like a frozen barren desert. It is hard to imagine such a brutal climate after seeing the thriving environment mid-summer. Even so, the high country is as beautiful as it is terrible.

a whole new world

Being able to explore high ridges and mountaintops in winter opens up a whole new world of adventure for those with a fiery spirit. A spirit hot enough to fight off the chill of the frozen wonderland. Such indescribable beauty … Read More

Mankind is only a Visitor

There is something special about adventuring in the high alpine. Part of it is the narrow window of opportunity due to the short summer. Some of it is the flora and fauna unique to this ecosystem. A good proportion is … Read More

Starved Rock State Park

In the Vast Glacial Plain that makes up the Midwest United States, there is a small hidden paradise known as Starved Rock State Park. Melting glaciers caused mass flooding which in turn eroded the St. Petersburg Sandstone and carved 18 … Read More