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Feb, 2015


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Bozeman, Montana


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George Stathis

George Stathis changed their profile picture 1 year, 4 months ago

If traveling to Yellowstone via highway 89, then take your time going through paradise valley and Gardinier. There is plenty to see. Once you go through Corwin Springs, take a right and drive over the bridge that crosses the yellowstone. At the T intersection, take a left on old yellowstone trail. The Road is a little washboarded, but there is…[Read more]

A friend made me aware of this little tool that can come in handy for coffee.

George Stathis replied to the topic Socks in the forum Shooting 1 year, 9 months ago

I like wool socks myself. I haven’t done a lot of hunting, but I have done a lot of hiking in Montana year round. They add a slight bit of cushion in rough terrain. They have kept my feet warm after being soaked. They are a little expensive. Smartwool socks are even more pricy than other wool socks, but they are designed to wick moisture better.

I found this article a good read, and helps with the decision

The Starved Rock Dam on the Illinois River causes so much turbulence that it keeps the river from freezing, even in sub-zero temperatures. This effect has caused Bald Eagles to winter in the area. Usually, the highest concentration is seen when most bodies of water in the area are all frozen. A general rule of thumb is the colder it has been, the…[Read more]

St Petersburg sandstone, usually found hundreds of feet below the surface, form sandstone bluffs 100ft above the Illinois River. Glacial runoff carved 18 canyons through the sandstone cap and left some pretty impressive waterfalls behind, too. Starved Rock itself is a sandstone Butte, and it is a great place to view eagles in winter. The sandstone…[Read more]

Starved Rock is one of the most beautiful places in Illinois. I worked at the lodge there for 7 years, and I really got to know the park well. Lets start to highlight some of the things that make Starved Rock so special.

Just about anywhere there are mountains, there are hiking trails to the top. Bagging Peaks is a great way to challenge the body and mind. Hours of hiking uphill not only can be tiring, but it can be draining mentally too. There is an added challenge if you are from low elevation as well. Don’t give up though. The view from the high country is…[Read more]

The Bridgers offer more hiking than just the M. Lets talk about more of the peaks. Past Baldy, is Saddle Peak. This peak can be accessed via trailhead in middle cottonwood canyon, or by going to bridger bowl. For the latter, you hike up to the ridge and the head south to the summit. Next is Ross Peak. Take Bridger Canyon Road past Bridger Bowl and…[Read more]

I have a few friends who are hiking the John Muir Trail right now. I feel that would be a great remedial hike before going on a cross-country hike.The John Muir Trail starts in Yosemite National Park and travels over 200 miles until it reaches Mt Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48. I would say this iconic trail would give you a good idea of…[Read more]

This is a Beautiful Cave. So many formations make it well worth the visit.

A friend made me aware of this little tool that can come in handy for coffee.…[Read more]

Trust me, just hiking up mountains is some of the best conditioning. Getting to higher elevations add to the cardio workout greatly. Then add weight in a pack to all of that. The load makes you work harder so cardio goes up. You are lifting more so your legs get good strength training, and it is constantly on you so you get endurance training in…[Read more]

National parks can be some of the greatest places to go fishing in the country. Although a lot of parks get close to or even over a million visitors a year, the crowds can easily be avoided by going into the backcountry. Crowds usually start to diminish in as little as a mile in. This makes for some pretty relaxing fishing, especially after…[Read more]

Oregon, Illinois is also a great hiking destination. Lowden, castle rock, and white pines state parks are all in close proximity to one another. Between the three of them, there is enough hiking to make a fun day trip.

Oregon, Illinois is also a great hiking destination. Lowden, castle rock, and white pines are all in close proximity to one another. Between the tree of them, there is enough hiking to make a fun day trip.

Good dude – hard worker.
March, 20 2015

I have had the pleasure of working on this project with George for over 3 years now – and it has been quite a ride. It feels great to finally have the right mix of people involved and I look forward to turning this into a successful business with him in the years to come.

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