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A few years back a handful of us got together and discussed the possibility of creating a website that was an evolving
collection of the best data available online regarding destinations, off-the-beaten-path sights, tips, advice, friends, fellowship,
campfire stories… the list goes on.

How could we start to create an online repository full of advice for everything outdoors? Where would we find members? Who
would be interested? What content could we contribute ourselves?

Fast forward to today and our mission still remains the same – we want to amass a collection of exceptionally useful data – but
we want to take it a step further. We want to help you put that data to use. So we blog about projects you can do with your
family. We provide pre-packaged trips that you can take part in. I mean let’s face it – not everyone has 7 friends to plan a trip
with – but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet some new friends here.

We’re working to make the site a better, more engaging place where you can meet new people to experience the outdoors
with. New people that you can learn a thing or two from – or even share your knowledge with. The community will continue
to grow, and a lot of things will change this year – but our original mission remains the same.

With all sincerity we welcome you to CWS, and we’d like to ask you for your help in that mission.

Let’s Plan Your Next Adventure.

-The CWS Team


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Founder & Grass Roots Marketing

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