Staying Warm Outdoors with HEDJAK

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There are several ways to keep warm when you’re out an about – here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Get a Stash of Hand Warmers: The cheapest and easiest way to get some additional warmth when you need it.
  2. Rubber Gloves: Rubber gloves are an inexpensive way to keep moisture off of your skin if you wear them underneath gloves.
  3. Layer Socks: Always a popular option – layer these puppies. Remember you can always remove layers as the day warms if need be.
  4. Grab a Few Different Stocking Caps: In a few different weights (I like to stash some light and heavy “wraps” or “face masks” as well if they don’t take up much space).
  5. Grab a HEDJAK: The HEDJAK is a patented product that combines the warmth of a traditional hoodie and the “stay-in-place” benefit of a knit cap. The elastic in the cap also prevents the billowing of the hood, keeping you warmer.We’ve known the guys at HEDJAK for some time – they are great and we love their product – and we actually have branded CWS HEDJAKs (zip-up and pullover) available in their shop.PLUS – they offer you the option to build your own HEDJAK: check out the Standard Build-A-JAK and don’t forget to check out the Camouflage Build-A-JAK too!


I have a hunting trip in 2 weeks so I’ll be getting a new one for this season – probably Woodland Camo with a Blaze Orange cap.

Check it out – we’ll see you out there.

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  1. Profile photo of Andrew Threadgill Andrew Threadgill says:

    Love the blaze orange and camo!

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