Spring is so close I can taste it.

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I’m freezing.
I might even be dying.

That’s not an understatement – it is currently -2 degrees here in Illinois, and I’m in the garage (which is a balmy 20 degrees or so) typing up a blog post for the new and improved CWS.

Are my hands still attached? I can’t tell.

I’m excited. I’m excited about where we’ve come, and the fact that winter is dying. My buddy George Stathis thinks I’m nuts – the man loves all seasons. I understand that. I respect that. I like parts of winter – mainly Christmas, or the few times I get outside with the boys to play in the snow. But SPRING… that’s where it’s at. Summer is even better… Fall is OK but it’s a reminder that a cold icy crust is on the way.

We’re close. Soon the trees will be turning green, the snow will be melting away, and I will once again begin my season outdoors. I can’t wait to get out. There’s just something about the warmth that makes it so easy to get outside and enjoy nature – and that’s the point, isn’t it?

This brings up an interesting concept – as I write these words, I’m kicking myself. Should I be looking for activities that we could enjoy in the winter months instead of hunkering down and hibernating?


I guess that’s the thing… we should be outdoors this all year long… or better yet, throughout our entire life. I can think of no greater sin than not experiencing nature both by yourself and with your family and loved ones. It seems foolish to hole up for 5 months just because it gets a bit chilly.

So maybe next year that’s what I’ll do. I’ll look for things to do next winter – I mean that’s the whole point of CWS. We aim to help people do more outdoors. Last summer I posted a video on repairing my broken fishing rod. It was nice and warm… but maybe next winter I’ll post some things about making the most of the frozen months.

Where do I start? Any suggestions?

Damn it’s cold.


Wish I had a heater out here… hey… maybe that’s the next video?

We’ll see.

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AJ Hauser is an outdoor enthusiast located in Illinois. He guides for fun in his free time and is always looking for new friends to go on trips with. He is also a partner at The Hauser Design Group - a web development and branding firm, and he would love to hear from you.

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  2. Profile photo of Andrew Threadgill Andrew Threadgill says:

    It’s supposed to be warmer this weekend!

  3. Profile photo of Andrew Threadgill Andrew Threadgill says:

    Like that camo with blaze orange!

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