Pike Fishing at Alder Lake

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So without realizing it, when I got back into fishing I started to talk with my Grandpa about the trips – a lot. Each time we went I would send him a summary – I would ask him for advice and discuss what did and did not work. Now that I’m going over old material it’s fun to see how things went. This is one of those letters:

*Jen is 8 months pregnant in this photo – still fishing like a boss.*

So it’s our first day up here in Wisconsin on Alder Lake. Jen caught the first decent fish – a nice Northern. Awesome fight, lots of runs, and caught it on a Carolina rigged tube (gold with silver fleck) – which means she had no steel leader. Hooked him right in the corner of the mouth. The sun is just starting to set.

AJ Hauser Pike Fishing

Alder Lake WI, July 2012

She wants a big ‘ol bass now, she says…


Time to find that bass!

Much love to you and Grandma.

-AJ & Co.

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  1. Profile photo of AJ Hauser AJ Hauser says:

    We actually went back this year and caught several nice pike and a muskie. I’ll put some of the images up on my profile. Vaughn’s was 32″ and the muskie was over 30″ as well. I think the pike in my profile image was 28″ – all good fish. I love Wisconsin.

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