My Best Muskie to Date

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So without realizing it, when I got back into fishing I started to talk with my Grandpa about the trips – a lot. Each time we went I would send him a summary – I would ask him for advice and discuss what did and did not work. Now that I’m going over old material it’s fun to see how things went. This is one of those letters:

So I started targeting muskie specifically on… well Tuesday – and after 6 hours admitted defeat. Skunky skunk skunk. Went out this morning really early and after fishing for an hour caught this guy right next to the boat on a L turn – he smacked my little bucktail and jumped about 6 feet into the air.

I wish I could take all the credit but the guide I was with said that the previous trip my baits had been too large – we were using smaller bucktails than I would have guessed –  but they more closely resembled the forage. This guy was 35″ out of Lake Shabbona – not a giant but it was pretty exciting and I had to share.

Lake Shabbona Muskie

Lake Shabbona Muskie: September 19, 2014

Now I gotta finish working on my little boat project so I can get out there with Jen and Vaughn…

Ok, back to work…
See you all soon and love to you and Grandma.


Later he wrote me back:

You are now in Great Grandpa Nilges’ “Family Hall of Fame” photo album. I printed out a copy of fishie and Grandma Rose put it in his album. His comment…..”Oh my gosh”. Grandma Rose’s sister, Sharon and her husband Gib, up from Arizona, were there, so they saw it also. You are now the family’s “CHAMPION MUSKIE HUNTER”. Congrats & Well Done!

Grandpa Dick


And I replied again:

Haha! That is really cool. Now I have to catch a bigger one…

Actually I hope one of the boys gets to “dethrone” me. That’s really one of the main reasons that I obsess over fishing so much – so that when they do become interested I can get them on the fish and keep them interested. In this day and age if I can keep them outside (and without a doubt closer to God) and away from iPads on the couch it’ll be well worth the effort.

Thanks again, we’ll see you guys soon.
Much Love,

AJ & Co.

Now… time to find a bigger fish. Anyone want to go?

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