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In 2012 I caught the biggest bass of my life (to date) – this is an email I sent my Grandpa later that day. It’s a lot of fun to look back at this now:


So Sunday Vaughn and I fish all morning with so-so results. On the way home I stop by a local pond just to check my homemade minnow traps. One has been stolen… I am not amused. Steaming I check trap #2, and somehow a 5″ golden shiner has crammed itself into the trap. I didn’t even know we HAD shiners in this pond. As I am getting into my car to go home and pop the shiner in the new fish tank he starts to do the ‘ol half-float, and not wanting to waste him I slap him on a haphazard live bait rig with a rather big bobber I was using earlier that morning.

I throw him out 50 feet or so about 8 feet off the opposite weed edge set around 2 feet deep, and not 5 minutes later a bass comes up… backs off… then comes back and starts peppering the shiner. “Oh great, he’s so small he can’t get it in his mouth”, I mutter…

My bait starts swimming tight, frantic circles and the bass gets more determined. He starts hitting so hard the force is knocking the shiner up out of the water.

“Wait… that’s a big fish”, I realize… “Oh please, grab him you pig…”

WHOMP…… bobber drops.

AJ Hauser Largemouth Bass

AJ Hauser – May 20th, 2012

God I love summer.

Wish the pic quality was better, but I had to set the camera up on “auto” to snap a few off one handed – quite the struggle!)

Much love to you and Grandma. See you soon.


The best part about this story? The pond is about the size of a basketball court in a park that receives heavy traffic – both visitors and fishermen. This guy managed to stay under the radar to grow to this size – must have taken YEARS – which has a lot to do with why I’m so interested in Modifying a Jon Boat to fish those hard to reach places… I had to cast live bait a mile and a half to reach this dude, then haul him in over thick vegetation to my shoreline – keeping him up and out on just 10LB fluorocarbon.

Scary stuff. I was was not well equipped.

He (she?) was released unharmed.


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  1. Profile photo of Andrew Threadgill Andrew Threadgill says:

    What a catch!

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