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Big bass in slop.

** Click Here for The Jon Boat Project Video Summary **

You show me somebody that doesn’t like wrenching up bruiser bass covered in salad – I’ll show you somebody without a pulse. 3 years ago I caught my biggest bass to date (a 5+ pounder in Illinois) from a small pond covered in slop using a shiner the size of my hand underneath a huge bobber. You see this technique used in popular lakes all over the states – including Texas. Often though, I fish smaller ponds that I can access with my truck – but only one shoreline is “fishable” for lack of  a better term.

This led to (what I thought was) my super original idea: I can get a cheap, light Jon Boat and add a casting deck to get to these hard to reach places. Well, as it turns out there are a lot of Jon Boat Modifications happening all over the place.

So I bought a Jon Boat:


I threw it in my front yard – hillbilly style, son:


I started to get to work, ripping out the rotten transom and pulling off handles:


And I had help:


So what you’re reading here is part one of about 75 – I’m going to log all of my steps so you can do what I did if you feel the need. I’ll cover costs, what worked and what didn’t – this first boat is simply a trial run.

We’ll see how it goes… but Spring is right around the corner – so I need to get to work!

See you soon… them sloppy bass are waiting…


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AJ Hauser is an outdoor enthusiast located in Illinois. He guides for fun in his free time and is always looking for new friends to go on trips with. He is also a partner at The Hauser Design Group - a web development and branding firm, and he would love to hear from you.

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