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So without realizing it, when I got back into fishing I started to talk with my Grandpa about the trips – a lot. Each time we went I would send him a summary – I would ask him for advice and discuss what did and did not work. Now that I’m going over old material it’s fun to see how things went. This is one of those letters:


So we went back to that clear water gravel / sandy bottom pit I told you about a while back (where we’ve had trouble getting a decent bite in the past) this weekend. Miraculously, I had 8 bass in under 2 hours on a Carolina rigged tube. That seemed odd to me, considering I’ve never hooked anything on a tube.

The tube was on a wide gap worm hook and a 4 foot fluorocarbon leader – which I thought would be way too long – but wanted to try. It seemed that the drop speed was really slow, and it moved wide side-to-side as a result. It really looked like a crayfish – but there are no crayfish that I have seen in this body of water. Much different and more “free moving” than the Texas rigs and jigs I have tried down there.

Aj Hauser - Gravel Pit Fishing

Fishing Gravel Pits, 2012

Also, Vaughn decided to man-handle some crappie.


Have a good week.
Love to you and Grandma.

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