Catfish in the Early Evening

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So without realizing it, when I got back into fishing I started to talk with my Grandpa about the trips – a lot. Each time we went I would send him a summary – I would ask him for advice and discuss what did and did not work. Now that I’m going over old material it’s fun to see how things went. This is one of those letters:


Last Friday night we decided to go fishing at the pond where I caught my bass. It was cold, but we had seen some decent catfish swimming around a few days earlier. The water was pretty stirred up, so Vaughn and I threw out some cut bait on bottom and Jen threw out a bobber and sweet corn – she knew the carp would be fun and wanted to catch one.

We all got skunked.

Today she texts me about going back for catfish. I’m swamped with work but figured what the heck – stop on the way home and grab some stink bait and we’ll try that. The bottom sludge is very dense, so I decided to hold the hook up off the bottom under a bobber.

Well I’m glad we went. Right as we were packing up Jen hooked this channel cat, and after we pulled him through about 15 feet of slop and I took my shoes off to go in and pick him out, we were able to snap a few pictures.

Catfish in the early evening

Evening Catfish, June 2012

I said, “I like when you catch fish.”
She responded, “I like when I catch fish too!”

I was pretty happy we made the trip.
Just thought I’d share Jen’s fish.
Love to all, AJ & Co.


The fish was released unharmed.

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