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Think back to your last trip to a State or National Park. I bet it’s a good memory, right? Now consider SA 838, because this is something that should be taken seriously by all Americans.  The U.S. Senate recently passed an amendment known as SA 838 that will allow states to take over, transfer and sell public and federal lands – including National Forests, wildlife refuges, and wilderness area.

While the vote seems to be primarily symbolic and a budget amendment that will carry no weight of law, senators will use the opportunity to bring attention to favored political issues and compel colleagues to take a stance on major debates.  Basically, it’s you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

This, my friends to me is a major issue.  That land has been set aside for a reason, and I don’t believe it was for political leverage to be used at a later date to gain favor or profits.  It is for all of the living things that inhabit them, to protect them, and for us as well. These utopias exist so that we may visit and experience nature in a raw and untouched state.

So as a person who truly enjoys all of these places I find it downright infuriating that there is a chance of these lands being even remotely threatened by the bidder with the deepest pockets.  It’s the wild places of this country that I am passionate about, and about protecting.  Not only selfishly for myself, but for you and your children as well as my own.

I use these lands in many different ways as do so many other people, but most importantly as a release from the chaos that is our day to day lives. These places present within me the opportunity to be humbled, and in some ways healed.  It’s the serenity and peacefulness, it’s the simplicity and complexity that draw so many of us to these places and then back again.  In my opinion, this is no way to honor these lands.

You will notice at Clear.Water.Sky. several of the members have different areas of passion – just like you, your friends, your neighbors. (Hey, join us and sign up today if you haven’t!) But one thing that we all agree on is that “nature” – however you define it – has a place in everyone’s life and it should be experienced. Whether that’s riding a bike with the kids to the park, or backpacking in the mountains. We all have different levels of interest and access depending on where we live… and I think no matter our level of involvement one thing we can all agree on is this:

SA 838 is bad. It’s bad for us, for our children, for our sanctuaries and for our country. Please stay tuned and we will continue to post updates as we become aware of them.


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Brandon Johnson is a founder of Clear.Water.Sky. He is into hiking, backpacking, state parks, recreation, camping and foraging to name a few.

  1. Profile photo of AJ Hauser AJ Hauser says:

    Good post man, good post… stay tuned folks!

  2. Profile photo of George Stathis George Stathis says:

    This makes me think of the Ken Burns documentary “The National Parks – America’s Best Idea” Ever since the first parks were established, it seems that there has always been somebody there against the public lands idea. Someone who wants to make a profit, whether its for water rights, timber industry, valuable medals, or oil. It is a constant battle of big corporations and their profits vs the average citizen. The timber industry lied to FDR to try to get access to logging redwood forests, and similarly, city planners lied to dam Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite. People were, and still are against the Grand Canyon, simply as a states right issue. Our Public Lands are ours. Its time for the next generation to take up the fight to keep it that way

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