2011 Trip to the Manitowish Chain ‘O Lakes

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So without realizing it, when I got back into fishing I started to talk with my Grandpa about the trips – a lot. Each time we went I would send him a summary – I would ask him for advice and discuss what did and did not work. Now that I’m going over old material it’s fun to see how things went. This is one of those discussions:

From Grandpa:

Hi everybody:

How’s fishing? Has the little guy caught a muskie yet? How has your weather been up there? Been thinkin bout yas every day, and checking on the weather for Manitowish Waters. Looks like you have had rain every day. Is that really the case, or have you been able to get out at all?

How are those electrified night crawlers working out?

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll keep watching the weather forecast. Let me know if you need me to do a Sun Dance.

Stay safe.
Love yas all.

G & G Hauser

P.S. When it’s late at night, when the night sky is alive with stars so vivid that you feel you could reach out and touch the face of God. When the sound of the waves lapping at the shore line is like a beautiful symphony of nature. When the sweet smell of the north woods fills your hearts with beautiful thoughts, and memories, know that I am thinking of you all across the miles, remembering special times spent with you. Reach out and touch a star, and I will do the same.

My Response:

It was an AWESOME trip!!!!

Did Dad send you pictures yet???
We caught a crapload of fish, Jen caught a Northern… Kaden was in the boat a few times but we didn’t get a picture…

With about 10 minutes left to fish on our last night I landed a nice Largemouth with said electrified Illinois worm – I used whole worms on a hook and slip bobber rig. Lost several worms to bluegill before this guy hit. I had missed what I think was this bass earlier in the week (which really bothered me) on a jig when he leapt and flung it out – so I was hoping he was still there and figured he wouldn’t want another jig… maybe a whole crawler would work. You can see the sun quickly setting behind me. I came running up to the house and got a picture before the skeeters came out to carry me off.

The Last Minute Bass

Alder Lake, July 2011

Talk to you more about fishy tales soon – I gotta play client-email-catchup and hit the sack.

Love ya much, and thanks for the thoughts and prayers. They worked.

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