10 Reasons Why You Should Shoot a Gun

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From popping off some rounds of .22 ammo to 12 gauge shotguns and everything in between getting out and shooting has its benefits. Whether at targets or hunting game of any sizes, if you shoot a gun, pellet gun, bow or crossbow here is what is happening when you let her rip.

To shoot a gun (interchange your shooting device of choice throughout this post) you have to concentrate on the target. Concentrate on your aim. Concentrate on your sights.  With so many distractions in day to day life it is satisfying to take a few moments focusing on one simple task.  Your concentration is rewarded with a solid hit on a target or a clean shot on wild game.

To shoot you need to relax, ease your breathing and work on calming yourself.  If society thinks yoga is a stress reliever they haven’t tried shooting a rifle.  Relaxing lets you move quickly and smoothly.  If you are shooting in a stationary position, relaxing your breathing allows you to aim.  In the same vain you have clear your mind to make sure that your decisions are proper for the situation.

Owning and shooting a gun is a serious responsibility.  Outside of safely storing, transporting and shooting, guns need to be cleaned and maintained.  All shots need to be calculated.  You need to know whether or not to take a shot and what is beyond your shot.

Get out and shoot with friends.  Whether it is hunting or on a range it is always a great time when you can get together.  Some people enjoy being alone during a hunt but often times people shoot with other people and usually meet up after a hunt.  It’s a great chance to meet new people and get outdoors with them.

Does shooting anything make you instantly fit?…well no, but it will get you outside.  Whether its dredging out to a blind or walking the prairie chances are that you getting off your butt is better than it sitting on the couch.  Throw in a little hiking or camping in the mix and you can’t help but get a little bit of exercise in.

Unless your just a target shooter, one great reason to hunt is food.  When was the last time you killed, harvested and ate something in the wild?  Being close to your food source is something not many people do these days.  Plus enjoy the flavors only nature can provide.

In this great country is your given right to own and shoot a gun (to various conditions based in different states, talk for a different post).  Take advantage of that right.  There are many people that want to take it away, don’t take it for-granted.  So use that freedom and get out there and enjoy hunting or target shooting.

Does knowing how to shoot a gun safely and accurately make you safer. Yes, yes it does.  Taking training classes and practicing shooting does indeed give you the tools you need to protect yourself in the event that you need to.  The media says that guns take lives, but guns also save lives.

When you decide to hunt you have to increase your knowledge of the who, what, where and how of what your hunting.  This instantly increases your knowledge of animals, habitats and sustainability.  Whatever you shoot you also have to acquire knowledge about that device and how it works as well as how your device shoots and how you work best with it.

Lastly, it is just fun to get out and shoot.  Exercise raises your endorphins and bringing down game you’ve been hunting does as well.  There is something endearingly fun about shooting.  Whether it is a semi auto or a bow.  When the game hits the ground or the target is hit perfectly it is just plain fun.

So get out there and shoot today.

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Andrew Threadgill is a website designer who likes to get outdoors. He likes to hunt upland game with his Lab Lucy, hit the trails or cast a line.

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